December 2, 2021




Patriarchy is the reason why women have resorted to extreme measures to keep and lure men they desire. 

This is according to Ghanaian actress, writer, and producer Lydia Forson.
In a viral tweet that has generated a buzz on social media, Forson wrote that society is to blame for giving women the impression that a man is all they have to live for.
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Patriarchy is why girls are inserting things, bathing with concoctions and putting “scopatumana” into men’s food to keep them, take money from them, and steal them from other women. 
When a society makes women feel like a man is all they have to live for, this happens,” she wrote.
Forson added that the ‘system’ is against the empowerment of women and any strut to independence is frowned upon by the “toxic, masculine culture.”
“No matter how “independent” a woman may feel, if systems are against this independence it won’t work. Also, feminism isn’t just about empowering women, it’s also about men, toxic masculinity and the many effects on inequality on both genders,” lamented the 2010 African Movie Academy Award winner.
While many applauded her courage in telling it as is, some of her followers poured cold water on her assertions as excuses to the rot in society.
Freddy Pablo: “Well said dear. Equity is what we lack in our system.”
When you make excuses for your actions it means you are not ready to take responsibility for your actions Like someone saying am into robbery because there is poverty in my country. There will always be systems in place that challenges your moral standards it up to the individual,” responded Kwasi Quartey.
Her sentiments come barely four months after Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu claimed that witchcraft was rife everywhere including Nollywood.
Maduagwu alleged that some actresses are allegedly stealing underwear from fellow stars for ritual purposes.
He alleged that upcoming actresses are eying undergarments on movie locations in order to get money and fame by dark magic.
“Omg, actresses now steal “pants” on movie location for evil money and fame purposes… You wont believe what is going on now in Nollywood, God help us. Why should an upcoming actress steal another actresses “pant”, only for her to tie a snail around it and about to run away with it? Do we now have “Yahoo gals actresses” in Nollywood?
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