December 2, 2021




Love Is Blind But Not On These Five 5 important factors.

Most a time we hear people in relationship say love is blind, they are being overwhelmed by it. That is very correct but we are not supposed to close our eyes to things that end up breaking us apart in a long run. And so I have outlined these few points, things that love cannot be blind to and here are the followings:

1. Attitude
No matter how sweet the love may have blinded you, attitude of your partner if not on the same page with you can devour you. Birds of the same feather they say flocks together. So it is very important to always look for your match, the partner that has the attitude you can tolerate or be okay with not the one that will make you regret your actions.

2. Obligations or Roles
Lovers have their respective roles to play in the relationship. as individuals differs so it differs, Where one fails to play the role, it leads to distraction of the relationship in question. Love cannot be blind to such thing. Take for instance, the man who supposes to provide for the home seeing that the wife earns more than he earns and relaxing for the wife to provide all the things needed for the household. you know this very thing or ill behaviour of a man can kill the relationship as the man fails to perform his obliged duties.

3. Mindset or Understanding
Love is sweet yes and sometimes blind. You saw her they way she looks physically and you loved her at first sight. It’s okay but love goes beyond what the human eyes see and that is why intimacy and courtship has a wonderful role to play in relationship leading to engagement and to marriage. Understanding each other and sharing same view and ideas will pave way to a successful relation. Two lovers who opposes each other and has a different mindset when they talk or argue on something do not last. Love cannot be blind to such thing to be frank.

4. Fulfilled Purpose
Yes, every man or woman has a purpose in life and so do it extend to life in relationship. A man should know his purpose for being into relationship likewise the women. This purpose goes beyond making love, having babies and what have you. The two in love should seek God’s providence to help them know their purpose in their relationship. as relationship is not all about having sex and making all kinds of love and hanging out all the time.

5. Religion/ Place of Worship
This particular case is very common among Christians. That does not mean it is not prevalent among other religious sect. People of same religious sect have better understanding of each other than people of different believe. Can this be true in the modern era we are in right now? Well, if sound minds that reasons together but from different place of worship or religion understands each other very well, then they are good to go into good relationship.
in this life now it’s very difficult to see a husband and wife or lovers in any way having different religious believe as that will bring confusion and erring behaviour if not putted in place.
When we understand all these and play by the rules, then we can sink into love in fullness. You too can add your opinion through the comment section on other things that love cannot be blind to.

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