June 4, 2020




Today we will be treating about the hindrance or obstacles to personal development.

Personal development as we said i n the early post is the ability to discover and chooses a career in one’s life

Personal development has many obstacles of hindrance and this normally comes from a family were there is much number of illiterate or lack of guidance.

The obstacles to personal development are stated below.

1. Lack of parental responsibility.

Some parents theses days don’t care Much about their children, at times all they do is to feed them and jump to their own activities without checking and observing the feeling and state of mind of their children in order to help and plan with them.

2. Loss of parents.

In this present life most children suffer a lot because they don’t have parents who will Carter for them in terms of their needs.
And that may also result to a child been given out as a maid to another family which may bring maltreatment of the  child, sexual abuse, and all kind of child abuse on earth. This kind of situation limits a child’s personal development as he/she is not given the chance to live and think comfortably for his/her future.

3. Inconvenience.

Most of the parents we have these days a bound to always provoke and distract their children, some parents don’t study their children life to know how they live or feel and also to know the time they are seriously thinking about making a change in their life and give them a chance with obstructing them.

Every parents suppose to study and know when their children is no more feeling fyn or thinking about their life and live them without obstructing them, because brain needs concentration in order to figure out the best.


4. Wayward person.
 Wayward means not being at a place, a publicly used man/or woman who has no regard for him/her self.

Any body who is wayward may not have all the time to think and discover his/her gifted career in order to follow it and develop him/her self.

Wayward is very bad as it can limit someone his/her opportunity at any given point in time.
Many successful people in life today sits down, thinks, and figures out the best thing to do about their life in order to make a well being change.