June 3, 2020




When a customer comes into your shop or place of work it is advisable to follow these steps:

Greet your customer with a friendly greeting and call them by name and make them feel comfortable.

If you are busy attending to a customer, greet the new customers, give them sit and tell them you will attend to them in a short time. Don’t leave the first customer to go and settle the second customer.

Always use the method of first come first serve  in order to maintain your name and retain your customers retuned as well.

Ask your customer what they wants with a smooth and polite words and total loyalty.

Listen carefully to what your customer wants. Don’t make your customers to always repeat them selves as that will make your customers feel neglected and also not valued.

Always make them feel that sense of Friendliness.
Make sure you always smile to make them feel welcomed.
Be patient & allow them to make their rightful decisions.

Always be honest to your customer. Build that trust and don’t cheat or extort money from them.

If you do not agree with the customer, do not argue with your customer, make them feel they are right and make them understand your point gently.

When dealing with customer you need to be very diplomatic and strategical because some customers can be so frustrating. You need a good customer relationship that will make them to come again next time. And learn to always smile at your customers when you see them and never shout on them.

Don’t get angry with your customer because he or she does not want your product. Allow them to say their minds and you can persuade them with sweet words if you think you really want them to buy your products.

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When your customer leaves thank them for their support, wish them well and remind them to come back again and patronise you.