June 1, 2020



5.5Billion Cars for Senators


It has been officially budgeted  that the Senate House has approved the sum of N5.5 billion for the purchase of cars for senators. 
It is calculated that there are 69 committees in the red chamber, which amounts to N50 million each for the senators to purchase a car.
The  rate at which Nigerian money is been spent today by the leaders is what that has left everyone grieving and weeping day and night.
It is worthy to note that the 8th assembly been led by Senator Bukola Saraki had approved N4 billion for the purchase of cars which was N36 million each as against the current one. In 2012, the approved budget of N1.3 billion for the purchase of cars worth N11.07 million each was been debated that it was not enough.
See the kind of money that can be budgeted just for one person to buy a car for himself in addition to the one that he/she has already, because all of them has cars before now.
And 95% of Nigeria are starving day and night without Any hope.
Is this this way things suppose to be done? what are the Nigerian leaders expecting the less privileged one’s to do in lonely world, after voting them into power the will turn them down instead of helping them.
The national assembly needs to review this very well and make amendments now before it gets too late or out of hand.
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