December 7, 2021



Tunisia Election, Kais Saied Wins as president.

Powerful law professor Kais Saied wins Tunisia’s presidential election with 72.71 percent of votes than other contestants.

The Tunisia electoral commission has so far confirmed the election result and has finally affirmed Kais Saied as the winner of the election. The winner of the election Kais Sailed is said to have gotten 2.7 million votes against his eminent opponent, Nabil Karoui who secured 1 million votes, the commission announced on Tuesday.

Karoui, a well know business tycoon who was said to have been in jail for most of the campaign, conceded defeat earlier on Monday by Saied.

The country’s electoral commission said the election stood at 55% higher than the first turn out on 15th September, in Tunisia’s second free presidential election, the 2010-2011 uprising which toppled a long standing ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Saied is said to be an independent candidate who has no political experience at first and also he was backed by the conservative Ennahdha party.
Saied has expressed his profound to the people of Tunisia for electing him as their president in a free and fair atmosphere.

He how ever promised the country that he will tireless fight corruption, strongly support decentralization in the country.

Saied was born in Ariana, a town that is closely located to the capital of Tunis.
Saied having been good at teaching, spent most of his time teaching law at university in Tunis, he later served as a member of the committee that supported the Parliament as it drafted the North African countrys post-revolution constitution, which was finally adopted in 2014.

Saied how ever thanked both those who voted for him and those who didn’t vote for him, he told those who didn’t vote for him that he is thanking them because the election was done in a free and fair atmosphere and there was no much disagreements in between.
He also promised to rule peacefully and discharge a his duties according to the law of the country.

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The newly elected president Saied also made it know to the general public that he will surely extend his hands to help and empower those who didn’t vote for him and bring the state into total unity.

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