December 7, 2021



Tinubu To Become Nigerian President 2023.

Bola Tinubu ready to take over from Buhari as Nigerian president come 2023.

Lanre Razaq, an APC chieftain has made a request to the former governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run for the 2023 presidential elections. 
He stated that Tinubu possessed the qualities of a good leader starting from when he was the governor of Lagos state and all his efforts in ensuring that Lagos state had improved infrastructural facilities and the likes of them. He also went further to say that Tinubu did not relent in his efforts to ensure that Lagos state was still under due course of development even after his tenure.
The jaban of Lagos Bola Tinubu may become the next President of Nigeria come 2023.
He gave an example of a foundation Tinubu has laid for the succeding governors in Lagos state to be able to perform their duties efficiently, which is called the; “financial engineering foundation”. And as such, he believes that Tinubu would be able to perform efficiently at the Federal level if he can perform efficiently at the state level.
Tinubu is a man of his words and he maintains and he possess the quality of a good leader right from time he was the  governor of lagiy state.
Nigeria needs a good and capable hand to handle it’s administration in order to take Nigeria to the next level;
Do you think Tinubu will succeed as Nigerian President come 2023? And will Igbos allow any other ethic group in Nigeria to become the president of Nigeria as the the present president Muhammadu Buhari has promised to hand over to the Igbos.
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