December 2, 2021



Causes of Uterine Fibroid

  • We don’t know what causes uterine fibroids. Evidence suggests that multiple factors play a role in their growth.Although exact causes are unknown, research evidence suggests that any or all of these factors might play a role in the growth of uterine fibroids

    1. Genetics (e.g., genetic mutations in the MED12, HMGA2, COL4A5/COL4A6, or FH genes)

    2. Estrogen and progesterone

    3. Growth hormones

    4. Micronutrients, such as iron, that the body needs only small amounts of in the blood. For instance, a deficiency of vitamin D may be associated with uterine fibroids.

    5. Major stresses

    It is likely that fibroids are caused by many factors interacting with one another. Once we know the cause or causes of fibroids, our efforts to find a cure or even prevent fibroids could move ahead more quickly.

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