December 7, 2021



Enugu state is now Coronavirus free

Enugu State has recently Discharged the last Covid-19 Patient

The Ministry of Health Enugu state has discharged the second patient from Treatment and Isolation for COVID 19.
The NCDC had announced 2 cases of COVID 19 in Enugu who were in Isolation and receiving care.
The Enugu State Ministry of Health announced that one patient had been discharged.

It now means Enugu stated has no new record of coronavirus again, we thank the almighty God for his marvellous works.

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The ministry disclosed on Thursday that two of them are now negative for the Coronavirus and have been discharged.
We encourage our people to continue to stay home, try not to touch your face without having washed your hands, maintain strict hand and respiratory hygiene, wear a facemask in line with the NCDC’s advisory and maintain physical and social distancing.

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