December 3, 2021



How GurusPoint Works

Guruspoint is a Team of like-minded people who have assembled together as a Team to shy away from poverty from a majority of Nigerians and make their financial stature stable

Below is how it works

1. Registration is a one-time payment of 1,600# .

2. If you login to your acc u will be credited with *100points every day.

3. You earn 150 points every day for sharing our sponsored post to your social media acc.

4. You earn 5 points for each update you read on the site and 10 points for each update you commented on.

NOTE: the registration fee is 1600NGN, you will receive 1k referral bonus for anybody that joins awesome platform through you

minimum withdrawal is 2k
All u need to do is to be among the first 500 individuals who will partake in the journey with huge benefits


click here to earn

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