December 7, 2021



Ten Symptoms Of HIV/AIDS

HIV patient

HIV patient

HIV AIDS remains one of the most serious world wide threat of this generation. In 2017, about 1.8millions people where infected with HIV, and 940,000 died of the related disease. But lately, death related to this deadly disease has reduced due to taking of preventives and focusing on the needs and rights of the key population.
Symptoms of HIV AIDS are
;1. Difficult in swallowing or soreness

  1. Ulcers or white tongue
  2. Persistent diarrhoea or nausea
  3. Dry cough
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Oral thrush
  7. Headache
  8. Severe unintentional weight loss
  9. Skin rash.
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