December 7, 2021



5 Things more Expensive than Money.

Things more expensive than money itself.

In this life many people thinks every thing is all about money! Money!! Money!, but to be frankly speaking it’s not so. There are Lot’s of things more valuable and expensive than money.

I know this may sound some how to  you, but it’s a naked truth, I know money can do many things on earth, but there is much limit to money. Now let’s look into those valuable things which are more expensive than money.

Good health

If you have right kind of health and live in a healthy state of mind and environment, it’s worth more valuable and gives you peace of mind than having money and no good health.


Being happy is the best thing that can happen to every individual, if you are having much troubles in your way, you won’t enjoy your self even if you are a millionaire. When you dwell in happiness with your family you stands to gain good health, more money and long life as well.


Honesty is really the best thing every individual should adapt him/her self into.
Honesty is the state of being truthful and trustworthy in all you do.
People will confide in you if they find truth in you, your life stands to look more beautiful if you are an honest human being.
In this life today making money with honest is more easier than making money with rough, robbery or lies.

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It’s always good for one to stand with his words, many people has been characterised these days by all sorts of dangling words.
Integrity means keeping to your words as you said it. God blesses every man whose words is trustworthy, not whose words changes overnight.


A history if achievements, good live, good character and lots more, is very essential in describing someone’s life. When you have an undeleted reputation you stands not to be forgotten in this life, even after your death. good reputation is far bigger than money with bad reputation.

These days it’s easier to make money honesty than in dishonesty manner. You can never exist in business if you trip people off, life is a long run.

You can’t his from adversity, you can’t hide your children from life’s ups and downs. The ones who achieve do so by experiencing and conquering obstacles, . . . even from their child hold days. These are the ones who were never denied their right to face some struggle, some adversity. Others were in reality, cheated. Those who attempt to shelter their children from every conceivable germ in our society, never really inoculated them from fear, worry, and the feeling of dependency.

So it’s better to understand things things you need to tackle, than relaxing and only having the motive of making money.

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When you have money, and you don’t have a good history, your money is valueless. Teach you children how to fish, don’t form the habit of hiding your children inside because you have money and don’t want them suffer. bring them to life exposure, so they can understand life the more and be able to cope up with life even after you.

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