December 2, 2021



Earn Money From Guruspoint

Hello, Covid 19 is real. Stay home, stay safe and earn money 🤑 daily on GURUSPOINT.
Every week is always a Payday on GURUSPOINT wether Covid 19 or not

Below is how you earn on GURUSPOINT👇👇👇

1. Registration is a one- time payment of #1600.

2. You earn 100 points for daily login into your account.

3. You earn 150 points for sharing each daily sponsor Post to your Facebook timeline .

4. You also earn 5 points for each post you read on the site and 10 points for each comment You make.

5. You earn 1,000 Naira for each referral you get. 🥰.

Below are steps to share today’s sponsor Post

STEP 1➡️ Download the image above.
STEP 2➡️Copy all the write up.
Step 3➡ Upload the image along with the write up on your Facebook timeline.

Click on the link below to earn 100 points after sharing to your Facebook timeline.


click here to earn

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