December 7, 2021



Frugal Frugal Frugal

Frugal is defined as the behavior characterised by or reflecting the economy in the use of resources. The opposite of frugal is wasteful. At times we also defined wasteful as a lifestyle marked by lavish and extravagant spending and hyper-consumption.

Being frugal is the cornerstone of wealth building. To build wealth you need to adapt to the behavior of being frugal, people who spend their money so lavishly without saves always find it difficult to cope up with hard times in their life.

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It’s good to learn how to save and spend money, most successful people today, build their wealth mostly from savings, after savings then you make investments, I always laugh to people when they think life is all that easy, let me tell you without proper management of your income a time will come when you will know that life is hot and lonely.

There is every tendency for you to always think wise and act wise, money comes and goes if not well managed, to be successful in life you need to be wise in all the things you do.

To be continued soonest.

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