December 2, 2021



How To Manage Money, Time and Energy

The following are the steps on how to use your energy, make money and manage your time.

Efficiency is on of the most important components of wealth accumulation.
Simply; people who become wealthy allocate their  time, energy and money in ways consistent with enhancing their net worth.

Although both prodigious accumulators and under accumulators of wealth always state similar goals about achieving wealth, these groups have completely different orientations when it comes to how much time they actually spend on wealth-building activities.

PAWs allocate nearly twice the number of hours per month to planning their financial investments as UAWs do.

There is a strong positive correlation between planning and wealth accumulation.
UWAs spend less time than PAWs consulting with professional investment advisors; searching for quality accountants, attorinars. While PAWs on average spend less time worrying about their economic well-being.

We have determined that under accumulators are much more concerned than prodigious accumulator with the prospects of the following:

Not being wealthy enough to retire in comfort.
Never acculturating significant wealth.

Checking it out are their concerns realistic? Yes UAWs spend more time worrying about these issues than taking proactive steps to change their tendencies to over consume and under invest.

Personal finance is worth taking serious and it goes far in changing every individuals life who adapts it correctly.



Time is so precious and one of the important factor in life that needs proper management.
When you place you time well in your daily activities it will help you in pursuing your dreams effortlessly.

Meaning ans functions and uses of “MONEY” will be discussed in our next class.

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