December 2, 2021



I have never Travelled Abroad for medical Treatment Adams Oshiomhole

The Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, has denied ever traveling abroad for medical treatment in a recent interview on Channels TV.

Oshiomhole cited an instance.
When you travel. If you request a visa to EU countries, they will ask you if you have a health insurance cover in case you fall ill. It’s not as if you’ve fixed your calendar to fall ill or otherwise.

The point I was making was that it was clearly unfair to talk like hypocrites while even the doctors travel abroad.

As a Governor, I have and I’m sure they would be in the records of the Edo state government, Many references by Nigerian doctors from both state-owned hospital or federal government-owned hospitals, suggesting that patients be referred to some hospitals abroad,He added

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