December 2, 2021



Idris Elba and His Wife Are Stuck Without Any Way to Get Back to Home

Idris Elba and His Wife Are Stuck Without Any Way to Get Back to Home

Idris Elba was one of the first Hollywood A-listers tested positive for the novel coronavirus. While he was criticized for receiving a test before many people in the US currently waiting for their turn, many fans were concerned about the health and wellbeing of the star and his wife. Fortunately, Idris Elba recovered and spent enough time in quarantine.

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre were both diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to stay quarantined for a couple of weeks. The battle with the disease was finally over yet the couple found itself in a very precarious situation: they are now stuck without tickets on planes that would carry them back home.

The actor noticed that he and his wife are now in a limbo staying indefinitely in a foreign country. Idris reassured his fans that he is feeling well and that the worst is already behind. However, he and his wife now have to stay hunkered down for a little longer. Idris told his fans that Sabrina is definitely suffering more in self-isolation. Nevertheless, the couple is in good spirits and tries to preserve optimism.

Idris shared his concerns about the disease and how he was afraid to be hospitalized due to his asthma. After his short recap of his recent two weeks in quarantine, the star thanked the frontline responders and praised all NHS workers for their relentless efforts against the pandemic.

Sabrina Dhowre joined her husband despite knowing that he had symptoms of the disease. She was later infected and shared the bad times of quarantine with her spouse. The couple remained together and will be together for a while as they are now facing a long period of continuous self-isolation far from home.

Sabrina also shared her concerns in regard to the spread of the virus saying that she was surprised that they two were sitting in quarantine coughing while many other people they contacted did not manifest any symptoms at all.

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