December 7, 2021



Kogi and Cross River State should be Investigated Nigerians Cries Out

The nonappearance of COVID-19 cases in Kogi and Cross River States has mixed assorted responses from Nigerians via web-based networking media.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, on Thursday imparted a refreshed rundown of States to affirmed instances of coronavirus.
In the rundown, Cross River and Kogi States were prohibited.
This has created worries from Nigerians as some took to their online life pages speaking to NCDC to research the two States, particularly Kogi which offers fringes with most States with positive COVID-19 cases.

Here are a few remarks accumulated by us from Twitter:

@Nefertiti “Now investigate NCDC’s breakdown of affirmed COVID19 cases by state. Prepare to have your mind blown. Kogi State didn’t make the rundown, out of 35 states and the FCT. Kogi is the main state yet to record positive COVID19 cases.Is Yahaya Bello’s App not doing some amazing things?

@jstarz “Kogi is my state, I probably won’t be in the state right now yet my folks, kin and companions are. All we simply need is intercession from NCDC. Our administration probably won’t take this serious.Covid – 19 is genuine. We need testing units in Kogi state.”

@Femaleradioking “So my sister that stays in Kogi state disclosed to me that the rate at which individuals purchase intestinal sickness drugs is disturbing. Before long individuals will start to drop dead and a reiteration of what’s going on in Kano would occur there. NCDC ought to accomplish something now and capture the circumstance.”

@Ejaiko “Please what’s going on in Kogi state? Is it true that they are being tried by any stretch of the imagination? Every one of their neighbors can’t have cases and they are subject to their “application”

@Rhemabeth1 “I might want to demand NCDC to sympathetically investigate Kogi and Cross waterway state since we don’t see their records and We have to comprehend what’s going on around the nation much appreciated.”

@Bekannenzino “Can’t the central government power Kogi state to begin testing?Or is there something you’re not letting us know?

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