December 3, 2021



Tekno Stops Smoking Weed Thanks God

A famous Afro pop singer and as well a Nigerian celebrity “Tekno” has taken to his Instagram account to thank God for helping him out in The life of weed smoking.

Tekno said that before he normally smoke weeed to be alright and sing well, but now God has helped him and he doesn’t need to smoke weed to be alright any more.

The famous singer Took to his Instagram page to make this know to the general public.

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Tekno on his his Instagram page said Oh God, I use this medium to say thank you, I’m saying I’m grateful, for giving me the grace to quit smoking weed. I mean I smoke when I want to, but I don’t have to smoke weed to be alright, I’m grateful thank you God.

Previously Tekno has to smoke weed to be alright, but presently now he doesn’t, he only smokes when he needs it, not as a part of his life.

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