December 3, 2021



What Nigerians need to know

Now this is it!

PMB granted autonomy and direct disbursement of LG funds, the governors rejected it. PMB signed an order to grant financial autonomy to House of Assemblies and the Judiciary, to strengthen governance at the state level, the governors are heading to court to stop him.

These are the people you voted for at state level. They want to pocket the house of assemblies and the Judiciary. …the civil societies are silent.

You cannot hold your governors accountable. Buhari is the only man responsible for your welfare / good governance?

You can’t even talk to your LG chairman, some of you don’t know that millions are paid monthly into their accounts to take care of your LG. Road rehabilitation, drainage, environment, markets, education etc.

You wake up with saliva in your mouth every morning, shouting Buhari.

Think about it ?


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