December 3, 2021



6 Foods You Should Definitely Avoid At Night

Eating right before bed is anyway not a very healthy habit. The ideal time for supper is at least three hours before bed. Eating right before bedtime is the key recipe for perfect sleep and good digestion. Not all foods you eat at night are unhealthy. But there are some foods you should definitely not eat before going to bed. They can be the reason for a rough night ahead.

Below are the top six foods you should definitely avoid before going to bed.

Though a very rich source of protein and calcium, milk is something you should definitely avoid before going to bed. Lactose content of milk troubles you with digestive issues all night. As a result, you are unable to sleep properly. And if you are lactose intolerant, you should definitely avoid milk at night.

Everyone loves a small cube of chocolate right after dinner but, you should avoid having chocolates right before going to bed. High sugar content and caffeine can keep you from sleeping well. As a result, you stay sluggish throughout the day and fail in performing well in all your tasks.

Pizza is love, pizza is life. But did you know, pizza is one of the foods you should definitely not eat before going to bed. Pizza contains too many calories and trans fats which sit in your stomach throughout the night leaving you disturbed for a prolonged period. So, late night pizza should always be a big ‘no no’.

So you plan to sleep with just a glass of juice instead of dinner. Never do that! Fruit juices after 9 pm tend to have an acidic reaction on your body. They can also lead to heart burn late at night.


Gulping a whole peg of alcohol can lead to an acid reflux. Alcohol relaxes the valves that connect the stomach to the oesophagus. As a result, the body is not able to keep the food where it belongs leading to an acid reflux.


So after an acid reflux or digestive distress, you may feel that a glass of soda could help you. No it won’t! There is nothing more acidic than soda. The acids of soda damage the valves due to carbonation, hence leading to increased pressure on the stomach.

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