June 3, 2020



How it works

How Guruspoint works

Guruspoint is a Team of like-minded people who has assembled together as a Team to shy away poverty from the majority of Nigerians and make their financial statue stable
Below is how it works

1. Registration is a one-time payment of 500# for the first 500 members to join, after that, it will increase to #1,600

2. If you login to your account u will be credited with 100points every day.

3. You earn 150 points every day for sharing our sponsored post to your social media acc.

4. You earn 5 points for each update you read on the site and 10 points for each update you commented.

We are committed to making all our members Happy at the end of every month and for that, we have sworn to pay our members at the end of every month, we are sure of our words and you can trust us for our words.

Our Target is 2k to 3k members and once we get up to that we will stop and make sure we maintain our endless monthly alert with the and as well keep them happy.

We are not greedy and for that, we have given out 500 slots for the first 500 members to register with as low as 500# and after that, the price will increase to 1,600#. The best time to join is now 🥰

As time goes on we are also going to venture into many other businesses like ethereum million money contract and other profitable business with our Team members which will voluntary come from their activity earnings, we have planned to make sure that all our members break their limit of the financial crisis before the end of this year 2020.

Make your payment now and join us early to be among of our top stakeholders 🤑🤑
For enquiries or registration call or WhatsApp this no: 08108070550
OR visit www.guruspoint.xyz
To get started

Note: 1000 points is = to 300# *minimum withdrawal is 2k. And all your *earnings will be credited directly into your bank *acc at the end of every month 🤑🤑 hurry and register now 🏃🏿‍♀🏃🏿‍♀happy money-making.